Plasterboard is a paper bonded, gypsum filled, machine made board that is used for internal walls and ceilings. It comes in a variety of types and sizes for almost any internal situation. Different companies call their products different names ie Plasterboard, Gyprock, Unispan and Mastaboard. At Midland Plasterboard Supplies we stock and can obtain the brand you need. Some of the more common boards are below.

  • plasterboard

    Standard plasterboard

    This board is the most common product used for interior lining today. Used in both in domestic and commercial construction. It comes in 10 and 13mm with either recessed or square edge profiles.

  • flexible-plasterboard

    6.5mm Flexible plasterboard

    This a thin flexible plasterboard and is used to construct curved walls, arches, ceiling and feature panels with ease. Can be applied to a range of structures and produces a smooth curved flush finish when jointed.

  • wet_area-plasterboard

    Wet area plasterboard

    This plasterboard is moisture resistant and used for lining wet areas in bathrooms, shower recesses, laundries and toilets. Also available in 10mm and 13mm thicknesses with recessed edges.

  • fire_resistant-plasterboard

    Fire resistant plasterboard

    This Plasterboard can be used in partition wall and ceiling systems where specific fire-resistance ratings are required. Fire Resistant Plasterboard features a specially formulated fire-resistant core, recessed edges, and is available in 13mm and 16mm thicknesses.

  • wet_fire-plasterboard

    Wet area/fire resistant plasterboard

    Was developed specifically for use in wet area fire-rated partition systems. Available in 13mm and 16mm thicknesses with recessed edges and is largely used in commercial construction.

  • soundboard


    This plasterboard was specifically developed for use in high-performance acoustic wall and ceiling systems not requiring fire-rating. Comes in both 10 and 13mm thickness.
    Plasterboard Installation Manual

  • Cornice


    Paper faced cornice is a great alternative to plaster cornice, they are a less expensive option since they are easier to install and paint.

    At MPS we stock a large range of paper faced cornice including standard 55, 75 and 90mm Cove as well as many fancy paper cornices . These too come in many different styles, some of which are below.

    New York

  • Decorative fancy cornice

    fancy cornice

    Are plaster molded cornices. They come in a huge variety of styles and we can order in to match up replacement cornice or arrange that special style for a whole house. The brochure below is just a start to what we can get you.

    Decorative Cornice Brochure

  • Compounds


    Midland Plasterboard Supplies stock a large range of compounds to finish off your project. Including base coat, top coat, multi purpose joint compound, masonry adhesive, stud adhesive and cornice cement. We also specially order compounds from USA and Canada.


  • Ceiling Tiles

    Ceiling Panels

    We stock USG Radar and Armstrong Mineral FIbre Panels as well as paper laminate and vinyl panels. We can also access a large range of specialty ceiling tiles, to find replacement panels.


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