Fibre Cement

  • Nuline

    External Cladding- Planks and scyon

    Hardiplank / Duraplank is a plank which is designed to be reminiscent of traditional weatherboards both in appearance and installation methods. It does not subject to decay, rot or white ant damage and is non combustible. Resulting in a safer, more durable cladding that requires minimum maintenance. Available in a smooth, woodgrain or rusticated texture

    NuLine is a unique weatherboard-style cladding system because it looks like a real timber weatherboard, but without the maintenance associated with natural timber weatherboard constructions.

    Primeline is an external weatherboard available in four different profiles (Chamfer, Heritage, Newport, Summit) to help achieve a wide variety of looks, whether contemporary or traditional, making it ideal for new homes or renovations.

    Silhouette allows you to select from a range of feature details or to create their your own custom design for external claddings. Silhouette offers a fresh approach to cladding options. Comprising of a fibre cement plank and a PVC feature strip, these components clip together to obscure fixing points and to form a seamless cladding appearance of your choice. Silhouette is termite resistant, does not rot and requires minimal maintenance.

    Scyon (Stria, Matrix and Axon) is a revolutionary new light weight, cement composite with heavy duty performance because of this it is very fast and easy to install. Stria is a wide cladding board with a 15mm horizontal joint that has the classic appeal of decorative render. Matrix is an exterior cladding system with a geometric,expressed joint look. Axon is a vertically grooved cladding panel that looks sharp and smooth.

  • Duraliner2

    Duraliner / villaboard

    Is a general purpose fibre cement building board designed for flush jointing. It has been specially formulated and prepared so it can be used in wet areas, internal linings and ceilings. It can also be used on external applications, such as soffits, where it will not be subjected to the direct actions of the weather.

    It is a great preparation for tiles and is high impact resistant, making it ideal for high traffic areas. Available in 6mm, 9mm and 12 mm thicknesses with recessed edges for a flush edge once jointed.

  • Durasheet

    Durasheet / hardiflex

    Is used as an eves lining or external wall cladding on verandahs or carport’s. It is a tough hard wearing flat sheet that is very light and easy to work with. It is easily fixed to timber or metal frames and has a flat, smooth finish when painted.

    The 4.5mm thickness is generally used in timber framed residential buildings for soffit linings and the cladding of features such as gable ends. 6.0mm thickness is recommended for commercial applications, cyclonic wind zones and steel framed constructions.

  • Silhouette

    Duratex / harditex

    These sheets are designed to be acrylic render coated with a colour and texture. It is ideal as an external cladding on traditional or contemporary residential homes. It is cost effective and a whole range of rendered looks can be created. Can be fixed to timber or residential steel framed buildings.

  • Compressed

    Compressed sheeting

    This sheeting is a very dense and hard wearing floor substrate for use on decks, balconies and verandahs and as internal flooring. It is resistant to moisture so it works great in bathrooms.

    It provides a tough surface and is deemed non-combustible by the Building Code of Australia. It is impact resistant, immune to termite attack, non combustible and easy to work.

  • Ceramic Tile Underlay2

    Ceramic tile floor underlay

    Is a specially formulated fibre cement sheet designed to provide a stable substrate for slate and ceramic floor tiles. It can be installed over new or existing timber floorboards, plywood or particle board flooring.

    In dry areas, tiling may be applied directly to the Ceramic Tile Floor Underlay to form an impervious, easily cleaned surface.

    For wet areas, and areas subject to accidental flooding or water splash, the installation of a waterproof membrane between the Ceramic Tile Floor Underlay and the tiling is required.


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